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Projects that I have worked on


Defeat waves of enemies along a custom track to remain victorious. Build your own track, select the amount of enemies and learn your enemies movement patterns.

The goal that was assigned to us for this project was to make a game that focused on AI and to have a customisable game. Coding AI has taught me a lot about how to structure code for it to be tidy in the long term and that logic errors is something to always look out for.

Skaterboy Slideman

A 2D platformer set in a futuristic environment.

Play as one of the two different skaters (Cameron and Cindy) to escape the Neon Corp. You must dodge enemies such as security cameras and security guards in order to succeed. May you be successful in reaching the helicopter waiting for you to assist your escape.

The project was a mix of programmers and designers which taught me a lot about the communication needed with your team to deliver the project at its best and on time. Whilst working on the project I was able to start to develop the ability to use my programming knowledge to come up with solutions.


This project was a collaboration with SAE Sydney's Origo design team and Quickmaths programming team. The art exhibition features many art works of abstract art composed by Origo.

Through this project I was able to learn the basics on VR such as user input and performance optimisation. I also got a good understanding on collaborating with a separate  team and to meet the requirements as the project goes on.


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